<aside> 🎬 **************************Ever wanted to help create a groundbreaking premiere television series, but aren’t a professional writer in Hollywood? You’re in the right place.

We’re making a new action series, led by creatives from John Wick, Marvel, and Star Wars, with a production company backed by WME, the world’s second-largest talent agency. Read on to see how to join.**************************


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What is Uppercut Training Club?

Uppercut Training Club is a community-built action franchise created by Jumpcut, a data-driven studio reimagining the way films and TV shows are developed, and lead creatives from Marvel, John Wick, and Star Wars franchises. Uppercut launched in 2022: over three months, our community of 300+ members built the foundation of the IP universe together and have shared rights to the IP.

What did the community accomplish in Season 1?

The first Uppercut experience ran from October to December 2022. 300+ members worked in three teams to create characters and build lore, while simultaneously solving a multi-week puzzle, unlocking hours of narrative and action video content starring leading Hollywood stunt performers Travis Wong (Westworld, Fast and the Furious), Gemma Nguyen (Everything Everywhere All at Once, Bullet Train), and Gui DaSilva-Greene (Avengers: Endgame, Guardians of the Galaxy.)

The global community collaborated using our online platform, which enables asynchronous collaboration and automatically tracks user participation so that ownership stakes can be proportionally granted to users based on the amount of their work. The community completed over 650+ creative tasks, submitting over 200,000 words, to build the foundation for a series.

A sample from the many hours of exclusive video earned and unlocked by the community.


What’s next for Uppercut Training Club?

We’re building a multi-property IP franchise with live-action films and series, comic books, podcasts, and more, all based on Uppercut’s lore. Unlike many action franchises, Uppercut celebrates diversity. Today, action is still mostly all Jack’s and John’s: Jack Reacher, John McClane. We’re building the first fully inclusive action universe that celebrates action heroes of every kind: those with disabilities and those of every gender, creed, and background.

The first media project we are working to create is an adult animated television series. The series will help build an audience and act as a launchpad for other series, future films, video games, comics, merchandise, and more.

Why an adult animated series?

Our team is deeply embedded in the entertainment and tech industry, and believe an adult animated series is the best first project to pitch for the following reasons:

  1. Animation allows for maximum creative control - paramount when creating new IP.
  2. There is a massive market for adult animation currently.